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Hi Folks,

I have recently joined as a CSM and I see the importance of QBR's all throughout the CS sphere, where the product adoption part is specifically discussed over the quarter. Isn't it better to provide the customers with product adoption updates on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly rollouts? This would ensure the customer is well engaged or at-least have insights on their adoption rather than waiting to note it at the QBR? Is this something that is scaleable/Do-able if you are managing a large account book? Share you thoughts please :)


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    Hey Nanaiah- Congratulations on the new role! Yes, product adoption is important and you are on the right thought path. Providing this on a weekly or bi-weekly update to your customers would be very time-consuming and I do not think it would provide the results you are looking for. However, the metrics themselves can help your internal processes in how you engage your customers. You will need to understand what good product adoption looks like (user metrics or product actions). For example, at my company, we have a metric that looks at weekly average usage. If a user falls below that standard, we kick off a re-engagement playbook that sends emails to the user over a one-month time period. This includes things such as recent product updates that may be of interest to the user, upcoming webinars/live training, or workflows. We have been able to do this because we have mapped out our customer journey and user personas for our product. 
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    Hi Naniah & welcome. The cadence you mentioned imo will (as stated in the previous comment) be entirely too time consuming nor would I assume that's what the customer wants. I'd consider developing a strategy roadmap template based on things like product(s) purchased, org size, resources the company has available etc. and communicate that with the customer. Let them ultimately settle on the frequency of the outreach. As you move forward it might be worth developing SOP's around engagement if they don't already exist and building automations into the process where possible.
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    Ultimatelt your goal is to map the software's key value drivers


    to your customers key outcomes.

    from there, you message where you are on those goals. If you see trends in the data, I am all about a quick message, LOOM, etc to report on those so you can consistently re-inforce the value they are deriving
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    Sounds like there's a conversation to be had with the customer on what is and isn't useful to them and at what frequency. You should go into that with a POV though (i.e. what has worked well for other customers and why) so you're not putting the responsibility of an effective relationship all on the customer's shoulders. In general a regular drip of highlight metrics is preferable to 'saving up' for a quarterly review can build a stronger bond and tighter feedback loop, but as folks have mentioned this requires an efficient way of collecting and distributing this data so as to not be too burdensome in light of your overall responsibilities. 
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    Why would your customers care about adoption? That's what you care about. Customers care about outcomes. It's not carved in stone that QBRs have to be done quarterly. Newer customers might require a higher cadence, senior customers might only want to meet you annually.