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Hi all,

My final panel interview today, with my presentation, was canceled because the recruiter called to let me know that the hiring date has been pushed back to September.

She said they really want to keep me as a top candidate but understand if I need to take another job sooner. I said I'd love to complete the presentation this week (hopefully they'll feel the interest to hire sooner) and hopefully they'll write me an offer letter.

I will continue to look for jobs, however, because I need to make ends meet. I feel so defeated. I never thought getting my third Customer Success job would be this challenging.

Does anyone have tips, companies, or recruiters you could connect me to? Time to re-energize and keep running this marathon.

Thank you in advance and tagging some names to see if this post can get more views!



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    Hi Betsy,

    It's nice to meet you. I wish I had a resource for you, but all I have to offer is encouragement. Keep your head held high, and don't give up!

    You're right. It is a marathon. I've watched one before. Most people who cross the finish line walk part of the way. Take your time. Be kind to yourself.



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    Hi Betsy,

    I see that you have experience in implementation as well. I've been hearing from my network that this has been one of the most difficult roles to fill as there are few skilled and experienced professionals in implementation and onboarding.

    Are you open to roles that are focused on implementation? It may seem counterintuitive because sales are slowing but I'm hearing about a lot of backlogs and of clients who never got implemented so there's a push to try and re-engage and get them implemented before renewal.

    I'd also recommend focusing on industries that are thriving right now and still getting investment. Some examples are cyber security, data warehousing, and AI. Check out this battery ventures report for a more extensive list of industries -

    Additionally, I'd recommend:

    • Networking. Join virtual and in-person events consistently. You never know who you might meet that knows someone who is hiring, is hiring themselves, or is about to post a job that you'd be a good fit for.
    • Reach out to companies that you are a good fit for even if they don't have a job posting. They could be looking or might be soon and I'd personally focus on the growing markets.
    • Consider fractional or freelance work in the meantime. Check out this company - as an example of companies that are providing this. You could offer this to companies directly as well.

    Hope this helps!


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    Wow @Elizabeth Italiano I am so grateful. I’m definitely interested in managing an implementations team or even being an IC! This is so great to know and I’m also checking out both links you sent! Thank you so much.
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    @bgilfill1 I empathize with you as the market is insane right now. I recently posted a CSM job and had 400 applicants in less than 24 hours. @Elizabeth Italiano feedback is solid, networking right now is critical, folks that are getting to the top of the list are definitely referrals and given the amount of folks on the market we're leaning towards hiring people with industry experience vs. before I would hire folks that I saw had the CS skillset and knew we could teach the tech skills. Definitely leverage LinkedIn and reach out to folks you know that have connections or work at companies you're applying to and ask them to put in a good word for you, or at least get you a meeting with the recruiter. You may already be aware, but some good job sites:,,,

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    Thanks so much @Michelle Wideman I’ve been networking myself to death, even internationally! I talk to recruiters a few times a week. I tailor my resume. I basically do all the things but I’m being overlooked (even though I was a CS Director along with CSM!)

    It’s truly depleting me and I’m so exhausted.