GGR Customer Success Badge of the Month Series

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We know that there are topics that everyone in Customer Success struggles a bit, and GGR wants to get the conversation started.

Each month, someone in the community will pose a question to their peers. Members will have a specific period of time (posted with the question) to earn a limited edition badge.

The badge is earned by adding a thoughtful response to the question posed.

What does 'thoughtful' mean?

Your response brings value to the conversation. It spurs others to respond and sparks ideas and new thoughts for others. It can be an answer to the question posed or thoughts that come from the comments of others.

This means that "love this! I agree!" will not be enough to earn a badge.

All participants who earn a badge will be entered into a drawing for a prize!

Additional Info

If you are one of our 12 question posters throughout the year, you too have the opportunity to be recognized!

Each monthly contributor will recieve:

  • a special badge handed out only 12 times a year
  • a chance to win an award for the question most engaged with

What does this look like?

Criteria is engagement

  • 95% of score comes from comments excluding the original poster
  • 5% of score comes from interactions other than comments


  • Spotlight in GGR community and on LinkedIn
  • Special badge recognizing your contribution for GGR community and LinkedIn
  • Award

Timeframe for Awards

  • November 2022 to February 2023 Posters - recognition in March 2024
  • March 2023 to December 2024 - recognition in January 2025
  • Full calendar year after this launch timeframe with recognition in January after each year ends