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Good morning, everyone. I work in a small company, and I am responsible for creating a health score for the customer success team to use. The metrics to be used have already been thought out, but I am unsure of how to standardize these metrics in some kind of program and how to scale from there. If you have any templates, ideas, or tips, it would help me a lot. Thank you all, and I am available for any feedback.

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    Hi @FocoMateus--

    I teach a self-paced course on Udemy and instructor-led with SuccessCOACHING that helps CS professionals do exactly this. Unlike what's done with most CP platform providers, we derive models directly from data that have much higher predictive accuracy.

    It's important to note that building a health score is a process, not an event. Every business is different and things are constantly changing. This means what works at one company may not work at another, and that you must monitor and revise your models periodically.

    Here's a 6-step process we cover in my course to develop health scores:

    1. Ask customers why they leave and why others stay and buy more.
    2. Quantify the reasons.
    3. Identify upstream factors and generate hypotheses.
    4. Collect data and screen variables using factor analysis.
    5. Develop predictive models using regression.
    6. Implement, monitor, and continuously improve.

    There are a variety of ways to deploy your model, from simple Excel worksheets to Salesforce, to CS platforms, to fully automated, integrated code running inside your product.

    I'm happy to talk through it any time if you'd like to explore these concepts further.


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    @FocoMateus sounds like an exciting project! And, @Ed Powers gave you some excellent suggestions and resources.

    I also encourage you to reach out to Paul Berstein and Steve Reasner from @LIFT - their consulting company just launched a new product called TruVue that helps companies which is a health score for Customer Success that can help companies identify which clients are "flight risks."

    Perhaps their product will be helpful for your company. Even if not, I bet you would learn useful tidbits from speaking with them!



  • FocoMateus
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    Thank you very much, @Ed Powers and @KimberlyReneeKnowles. I will look for this course on Udemy and get in touch with @LIFT. I'm sure these contents will add a lot to my task, and appreciate your help a lot.