SalesLoft for CS Outreach?

Mike Doherty
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Has anyone ever used SalesLoft for their team's CS outreach?  Our Sales team recently moved over to SalesLoft and I've been asked to consider consolidating Commercial tools (we currently use Clearslide).




  • shamsao
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    I've used Outreach in a few places and it's pretty clean and easy to use.  Both Outreach and SalesLoft are very flexible so you should be able to use them for your CS process flows -- I know Outreach definitely gives you a lot of flexibility to define your cadences and process, so I think unless you have some very unusual requirements, it should work.

  • Dmitry Harapko
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    Using SalesLoft at the moment. Well, it is def good for sales outreach, like cold emails. 

    Easy set up though. You can create templates and then create cadences with some conditions, very basic automation. Good if you would like to add multiple accounts for any future outreach or something basic like new releases, new updates, etc. 

    In general it is good BUT as far as I prefer more personalised approach I bet you do as well, this tool kinda limited.