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Lawrence Waldman
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Good Morning Gain Grow Retain Community!

My leadership team and I have been been working through aligning success plans with our sales/account plans. One of the persistent challenges we have had in implementing anything is deciding how and where to store the information in a Success Plan. We utilize Salesforce as our CRM, and of course have access to Sharepoint, Wikis, etc, but none of these seem like an ideal place to be able to report and manage, as well as ensure that the Success Plan is a living document as opposed to something everyone creates once a year and then never looks at again. Would be very interested to hear how the Community is currently dealing with this problem!

Thank you in advance!


  • Andrew Marks
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    Hi Lawrence.

    What I've seen work well is creating a set of custom objects in Salesforce where you can capture and monitor the key elements of the SuccessPLAN. We've had a few of our clients then build a custom report that contains all of those key elements and generate a one-page success plan that can be shared with the customer.


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    @Lawrence Waldman, one very positive thing about technology is that it can be used to enforce structure and promote discipline. I recommend you take a look at these options:  All of these (and perhaps others) have capabilities to define and share and manage success plans and customer goals/objectives cross-functionally much easier than in Salesforce.

    Hope it helps,
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    Some others if you're looking at Customer Success Tools take a look at these. Totango has a free option for less than 250 accounts and you can still use an API to build your dashboard and import data from your CRM.


    For onboarding automation 

    Hope this helps,

  • David Ellin
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    @Lawrence Waldman, you've got some great options below for Success Plans. Since you're a Salesforce user, I'll also give you one for building Strategic Account Plans. Altify is a great Salesforce overlay with the ability to build detailed Strategic Account Plans, Relationship Maps and more.

    Good luck!

  • Lawrence Waldman
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    Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I will be looking into the Salesforce-related options as we move foward
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    Thank you Lawrence for your original question.  It's something I've pondered for awhile now.  Thank you to everyone who responded.  Some great suggestions and I wasn't aware of Totango's Community version.  Cheers.
  • Yanira "Janita" Sesniak
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    Hi @Lawrence Waldman?? -

    When I worked with Salesforce we had our Customer Success Operations team build us a custom section and fields called "Success Plan" that was accessible across the company so that anyone including Account Managers and Sales could at a glance understand what was on the Success Plan.