Survey design feedback (NPS)

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Hello: I am looking for anyone who would be willing to have a 30 min discussion to provide practice input and feedback on NPS and CSAT survey design.


  • phil Davitt
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    Hello Numrah, I've sent you a direct message with details for us to talk. Would enjoy a chat on NPS and CSAT
  • Brian Hartley
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  • Carl Hoffmann
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    Hi Numrah.  I sent you a dm, too.
  • Steve Bernstein
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    Hi @Numrah Irfan(and thanks @Brian Hartley for the gentle ping!) -- I do this "all the time" and it'd be my pleasure to assist (direct email is if you want to connect). Before we'd hop on a call, it'd be very useful to have these things in mind:
    1. What exactly do you want to learn? Is about a specific question, or more about overall sentiment?
    2. Are you thinking about this as a "one off" or as a repeatable program?
    3. Are there specific persona you have in mind, e.g. getting feedback from end-users about the product, vs. feedback from all key stakeholders about the value and relationship?
    4. Do you have resources to follow-up to remediate any issues you may hear about and to get more information?  Remember that customers will generally provide symptoms, an to get to root cause of the symptoms you'll need to ask 3 more questions, but doing that in a "survey" is generally not a good idea.
    5. Do you have the support of the rest of the company?  That is, what will you do when you get feedback about something outside your org's control?

    That's a good list to start...!  Best wishes on your initiative and I'm happy to help,