Start up services org: anyone interested in networking?

Kate Current
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Happy Friday!

I've made a BIIG jump from a mid-size PE-backed company (~100 employees in the services org) to a U.S. start up. I'm pumped! My challenge: to build a services org. Today: we have a small team of implementers. This year: I'd like to define post-implementation services (Support, CS) to continuously build a great customer experience. 

Is anyone else working on building a similar strategy? I'd love to connect!



  • Pam Micznik
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    Yes! I'd love to connect. I focus on Customer Education / Training for start-ups and would love to connect.
  • Carlos Raimundo
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    Hi Kate!

    I am just going over that process right now and I would be really happy to share some thoughts around tools and processes.

  • Kate Current
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    I'd love that Carlos! 

    I'd be interested in where you started, what your future vision is, and how you are bridging that gap. The bridge is what I am building right now!

  • Sandra Guadagnoli
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    Happy to connect, I have worked in that capacity in my past 3 roles.  Happy to share!


  • Rob Kagan
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    Hi Kate -

    I am a start-up guy.  Started companies, sold I mentor startups at Brown University, MIT, and MassChallenge.  Feel free to touch base with me.  One of the main keys to a startups success is engagement and specifically getting through the noise as a new company.  There are so many messages out there to customers and potential customers - that nothing gets through.  Thinking outside the box and doing exactly what no one else is doing is how to engage and create a better customer journey.  There are some of my articles on Linkedin that I use for roundtable discussions with the groups I help.  Here is a good one for startups:

    Have a great weekend and be safe,

    Rob Kagan 
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  • Jeffrey Kushmerek
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    Hi Kate!
    Congrats! After over 15 years of running services and implementation, I focus specifically on these groups now. I would love to connect and talk shop :)

  • Jon Johnson
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    love it! and, congrats! In my last post i did just that! I carried over a good amount of resources from my last post and would love to connect on your progress/goals this year!