What is an outcome?

David Jackson
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Do you have a definition or shared understanding of what constitutes an outcome in your business?



  • Andy Barton
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    Afraid to answer this Dave but will give it a go... Not related to anything in our business. 

    An outcome is a result of action(s) that can be compared to a relevant predefined need, desire, strategy, or target. On reviewing, the outcome and actions should be linked which helps learning to drive future desired outcomes.   

    perhaps waffle but had to try. Super question, and looking forward to hearing other answers. 

  • Jeff Breunsbach
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    When I hear 'Outcome' I try to relate it back to a business result...

    1. Increased 'output' (Helped drive top-line metrics)
    2. Reduced 'cost' and created 'efficiencies' (Helped improve margins)

    There may be other benefits to using the software but I always want to tie it back to their overall business objectives.