CS Ops - Getting Buy-In from the C-Suite

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Hey GGR,

If you had the opportunity to push for a Global CS Ops hire, and had the ear of your CRO (who leads Sales & Services), how would you sell it?  

Long story short, I had a conversation today with our CRO and this was something we discussed.  It piqued his interest and he wants to have a conversation again in 2 weeks to learn more and discuss how this role would work with our global CS teams.  This is a big breakthrough and I want to position it properly.  For context, the cliff notes I shared today was how CS Ops can help shape, design, and create the frameworks for the CS teams to succeed.  It was my best one-liner when put on the spot.

If you've had to do this before, even as part of your own Headcount, I'd love to know more. 



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    Sorry, I've been absent on the Thursday calls lately. Saying my life is crazy right now is an understatement (in a good way).

    I love the framework angle. I also think you need to talk about the role this person would play in reviewing and evolving the customer journey, ownership of the methodologies used to drive customer value, own the compilation and analysis of data to make thoughtful decisions, etc...

    Does your organization have sales ops or marketing ops individuals? If so, why wouldn't you have someone focused on operations for the team that is ultimately responsible for keeping your customers? It's one thing to get them in the door. But it's another to keep them. Subscription solutions don't work well unless you're focused on ways to increase CLTV while mitigating risk and automating the repetitive so your CS team can focus their time and energy on the most strategic activities and discussions with your customer base. That doesn't happen by wishing it. Or just sitting around waiting for it. You need to have someone focused on what's going on behind the scenes, constantly thinking about how to make your customer journey better and your team more efficient.

    Hopefully, you can get a few good nuggets from that random train of thought. 

    Now back to the crazy!
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    Long time no see!  Your absence has definitely been noticed. :)  Glad to hear it's because of all things good.  

    Your 2nd paragraph is exactly the approach/angle I'm wanting to take.  He's a data driven guy therefore all those points would definitely resonate.

    I also like the points about tying it together with Sales and Marketing Ops since we do currently have those in place.  We've recently had someone in a Global Client Management role but they're leaving the company ... and I'm hoping to influence the thinking here by helping them understand the ROI and impact this can have on retention, LTV, etc..  

    This was definitely helpful, thank you!