Launched! CS Ops Mentorship Program

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Since it can be intimidating to get started in CS Ops, and even more challenging to grow in a CS Ops career, I'm super excited to be getting the word out that we've just launched a new Mentorship Program specifically for CS Ops professionals. ? It's open to anyone, and Gainsight is handling 100% of the costs and management. Within just the first few days, we've had over 150 folks join, which I think is just stupendous. Most have selected to both be available as a mentor and to look for their own mentor(s). We've worked hard to make the sign-up (and overall experience) easy. You can find it here:

Mentorship is a known driver of careers:

  • 75% of execs credit their mentors with helping them reach their current leadership positions
  • People who receive mentoring are promoted 5X more often
  • Mentors are 5X as likely to receive a pay increase compared to those who don't participate in mentoring programs
For mentees, the opportunity is to learn from others' experiences in CS Ops, and get personalized advice on how to grow your skills and career. The software recommends mentor matches for you to choose from based on skills and goals that you share when you sign up. 

Mentors get the satisfaction of developing others for an increasingly important career path, as well as building your own coaching and people skills. Keep in mind that, even if you've been in CS Ops for 6 months, you can help someone who's been in CS Ops for 6 days. 

If you're interested, but haven't mentored someone before, you're in good shape since we're running the program through Mentorloop, a platform that provides best practice tips, tools, and resources to get the most out of your mentoring relationship.

If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer 'em!