Customer success job data

Bob London
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Good morning! Every 2 weeks, I look at Customer Success job opportunities posted on LinkedIn in the last 30 days.

Compared to 2 weeks prior:
- US postings are up 6.4%
- Non-US listings down nearly 15%
- % of remote jobs worldwide up 17%

And now, trivia! Without looking at the graphic or Googling, which of the top 10 tech states (per 2020 Milken Report) do you think ranks #1 in open CS postings as a % of state population?


  • Brian Hansen
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    This is helpful and exciting to see, Bob. I've been doing a fair bit of interviews and hiring and one of the issues I'm feeling is diversity. Do you have any line if sight into customer success job boards or the like that can help to invite more diversity into the field?