Creative Ways You Engage With Customers During the Holidays

Amber Monroe
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Hi Everyone, 

Anyone got some really creative ways that you engage with your customers during the holiday seasons? Anything special that you do for your customers that seem to work really well? 

We are working on a new engagement approach during the holidays and I'd love to hear what others are doing that seem to drive a positive customer experience. We are hopeful to re-engage some of our disengaged customers and we are looking at creative ways to keep them informed about some amazing new product releases that we've had over the last year. 

We have a lot of customers that are high volume, low touch that have been using our software for over 10 years and sometimes we find that they are not always aware of all the new features that we offer. 

I'd love to hear what you all are doing that seems to work really well! Taking any and all ideas :-)


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    I love this question and it was my favorite time of the year when I worked at an marketing agency. We always did something different, but we always had a theme. Sealed with a Kiss was a box with Mistletoe, Chapstick, and a Candy Cane. When it became too difficult to reach everyone via snail mail we shared Holiday Carols - we each picked our favorite, some of us could sing, others were hysterically bad, but everyone brought their personality and identity to the mix (i sang a version of dreidle, dreidle that belonged on a bloopers reel ). Another remote gift was the gift of giving, each customer was able to choose to gift $5 (amount specifically chosen to avoid corporate gifting restrictions) to one of 5 predetermined charities. 

    In these remote times, there are more challenges, but that is where your creativity can really shine. Whatever you do have fun with it...