Segmentation: Sub-Tiers

Shari Srebnick
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GGR Folks:

We're going to be revisiting our Segmentation model and likely be redefining our highest tier, what we call "Enterprise", and then recategorizing the lower tiers; these will likely be based on MRR and/or their annual revenue.

However, I also want to propose a sub-tier level based on customer maturity, which will allow us to best serve those customers and have them on the most appropriate journey, especially in the critical phase from kickoff through onboarding.  Since I am also working on capacity planning, this will dovetail nicely to my larger vision for our CS team and my 2 year plan, since activities and resources needed are part of that.

Has anyone ever used maturity as a segment?  How did you set that up?  How did you define the kickoff and onboarding phases differently, if at all?  I have some ideas, and I have seen the maturity model Boaz created some years ago, but I'd love to hear from any of you who have used this to as part of your model.

Thank you!


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    Very interested in this thread as we are also considering the same. 

    Hey Shari - we currently tier our customers across 3 segments DL/ mid market and enterprise. 

    All of which have a different 90 day journey through onboarding to adoption. Typically allow the customer to chose the level of support at mid market. 

    We also have a fairly low touch model in the earlier 2 segments and I would love to understand how you capacity plan against this.