How Do You Track & Quantify Your Own Performance?

Jean-Pierre Frost
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Happy 2022 everyone! A little background for my question: I've been working for about 4 months now in an onboarding specialist role, although I've worn a few different hats in that short time. I haven't had the luxury of traditional KPI's/OKR's to measure my performance, and our CS team is still being fleshed out. So I've taken it upon myself to track the impact I have revenue-wise. Some of it is done through stories, which for me is basically STAR method. I also track data in a spreadsheet over time.

I have been challenging myself to be metric-conscious as often as possible, as I know how important it is in all aspects of business. CSM's don't get paid simply for being 'nice people', it's the revenue impact we create through relationship management (one of my aha! moments, simple as it may be). I want to know how you track and quantify your performance, so when you have your review/interview you can speak directly to those numbers.


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    Hi Jean-Pierre!

    Lovely to chat again :)

    I love that you're thinking this way. I totally agree on CS needing to be able to show how they drive revenue. You're only four months in so I think the reason you feel you should be tracking more is likely just the fact that the companies you've helped haven't been customers long enough to help generate new revenue. 

    The simplest metrics I can think of: 
    1. Number of reference calls provided by customers you helped onboard that were used to close deals - If you can show that by creating happy customers you are helping deals close you are impacting revenue. 

    2. Amount of revenue generated from expansion & upsell - Even if you throw these deals back to Sales you were still the opportunity creator and so should track the Jean-Pierre Qualified Lead (JPQL)
    3. Renewal rate - Do the customers you onboard renew at a better rate?

    4. Time to expansion/upsell - Do the customers you onboard buy more earlier than others? 

    What else have you been thinking? 

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    Hi Christian! Nice to chat again. This is all very good, thank you so much!

    One example of something I tracked was the revenue impact of solving a problem. There was a bug, within an hour or so I was able to make my team aware of what it was and coordinate with support. Then, I looked at the customers I personally affected and the result of their spend. But that's more of a one off.

    Similar to your onboarding example, I do track actual spend from my book of business.

    Lately I've been trying to figure out the best data to capture from the customer. I want to ask better questions and have a consistent coding process to make it easier to analyze trends and segment.