Measure internal adoption of your CS tool

Melissa Logothetis
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Hello everyone,

I"m looking to measure the adoption rate of our new CS tool. Does anyone currently do that? What metrics are you measuring? We are currently using Totango and they do have some information available regarding the counts on open tasks, completed tasks etc. 



  • Gary Allum
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    We use ClientSuccess, and they are in the process of rolling out a report just for this.

    In the meantime, we implemented use of one of their features as a first step for our CSM's in our adoption, so anyone not using the platform easily shows since that data has not been updated in CS.

  • Ed Powers
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    It's ironic, and perhaps revealing, isn't it? Just like our customers, our employees must adopt and use technology in order for our company to realize value from it. Effective change management, therefore, is as important to us as it is to our customers.

  • Bri Adams
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    We use ChurnZero (full disclosure, I also work for ChurnZero, but SO happy we get to use the tool ourselves!) and we use ChurnZero's Account Insights Reports which our admins can build out to show us our ChurnZero usage as a team. The Insight Report can also be built out by our customers for THEIR customers, so if you don't already have a way to share a customer-facing report of a customer's product usage with your tool, this is really great for that.

    It also allows our customers to drill down on the reporting - so if I have a widget for everyone who has done a certain action (like sign up for an Academy course or complete a task), I can click into who did what, and all of the time stamps.

    Bri Adams

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