ClientSuccess, Totango or Custify

Asha Pulikkal
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Hello GGR community, I’m looking to connect and have conversations with individuals who have been involved in implementing CS platforms. I recently reviewed a few tools and shortlisted CS, Totango, & Custify.

Some background :

  1. Team of 3 CSMs and expanding to 5 by EOY.
  2. Early maturity model; SFDC used for Sales/CRM, Delighted (NPS/CSAT/CES), Zendesk/JIRA/Confluence (Service/PLM), and fragmented view. Excel dependency remains.
  3. I created a few dynamic SFDC dashboards as a temp solution, but it’s a pain to track/report and have the real pulse on each account.
  4. There is a need for process streamlining with a focus on the unified view (early alerting), effort tracking, renewals, upsells/cross, feedback, and some level of automation.

Looking for your feedback and am open to suggestions 😊