CS tools best as “entry level” in growing start-up?

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Hi all,

I work at a growing start-up for a B2B SaaS platform, with customers in a range of industries and ranging in size (largest is 7,000 employees, smaller side is 250 employees).

In the process of scaling and with that, moving away from the (horrible! unwieldly!) spreadsheet we use to measure customer health… getting to the stage where we’re too big to be using a v manual spreadsheet, but not got the budget for some of the household name CS tools. Looking for a tool that is ideal as a first step. Anyone got any recommendations?




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    Jumping in to follow here!! We've explored Totango as a free tool, but didn't have much success with implementing due to a lack of time on our end, and we were a bit confused by the platform (also may be due to lack of time). We've been making our CRM system do a bit of work for us on health tracking, but I'm curious to hear what others on low budgets are doing!

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    Hi Alice,

    We've utilized Notion, but it is still pretty manual. You may be able to set up Zapier integrations to automate certain pieces of it. Happy to send over how we use Notion if you're interested in learning more. I researched a few options a while back and SmartKarrot impressed me (I think they're relatively budget-friendly). Again, we don't use them, but I've kept them in mind for when we outgrow Notion.

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    We operate on a high touch model and bought ClientSuccess a few months ago. It has very quickly become indispensable for our team of very new CSM's! Granted, we are taking ages to get everything implemented and integrated, but that's on us not them. They are very much centered on a high touch approach though, so may not fit for everyone.

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    Hey, @alicemenhennet thanks for starting this thread!

    Would love to follow as we are also not using any CS tool at the moment. First, I am focussing on creating robust processes and methods in my current organization and then later probably will start using such tools.

    I feel before starting using tools, make a list of problems you're facing in your current process and what are the new things you wanted to achieve from the new CS tool. Also, create a list of integrations you require for smooth data migrations. This would make it easy to choose the right tool for your business.

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