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Any EdTech CSMs out there that would be willing to meet to talk through how you handle expectations over usage? I am especially interested in situations where you have a district-wide offering. How do you set up reasonable expectations for what success looks like using your company's offering?


  • Harsh Shah
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    Hi @dpalmer , I am not associated with EdTech but would love to follow this conversation. Could you please tag me or send me the conclusions or actionable items that you guys discuss? Or maybe a recording would also work.

    I work for a company that has usage-based pricing and would love to know these insights on how to handle the expectations of users, champions, and buyers.

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    Harsh Shah

    Customer Success Manager, Woliba



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    Hi @dpalmer I'm in EdTech and would love to collaborate together on this and see how you approach it as well!!

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    I’d love to learn more about the type of offering you have, because I think the metrics you would use should vary based on two factors: 1) what adoption metrics are significant in terms of retention and renewal (Think user logins, feature adoption, etc) and 2) what metrics are significant to show the impact of the product? In ed tech this means not only how you’ve impacted internal factors at the district (time or dollars saved for example), but also the impact in terms of outcomes. I know this started as a thread about usage, but I think it’s important t9 tell the impact story and make sure we’re also thinking about KPIs. Happy to talk more if you want to talk! I’ve been in ed tech (p-20) for 10+ years.

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    Good morning,

    I'm in the Summer Camp Tech industry - can I claim EdTech adjacent? :)

    I would guess that we experience some similar issues, and would be happy to chat more on this topic if you'd like. Feel free to reach out directly on LinkedIn.