What do you use Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) for?

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Hi GGR Community

I’m new here and honestly just looking to learn. I come from a data science background and have been doing some really cool stuff with deep learning and CSAT. It’s been really cool experimenting with this data but I feel like I have a big gap in understanding what folks actually use CSAT for in their day to day. 

I’ll give an example, I know you can use CSAT to help reduce churn but what does that actually look like? Is a rep reaching out to customers whenever a low CSAT is seen or is a company offering a promotion?

I’d love to hear from anyone who uses CSAT regularly on what they use it for as well as how it's used. 

Also any case study examples or good read recommendations are very much appreciated!

The CS world has some of the most amazing data sources I’ve ever seen and I would love to learn more about it :)

Many thanks!


  • Renee Murphy
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    CSAT I have traditionally used that for transactional or event items such as a support ticket, or the end of onboarding. We always respond to both the positive and the negative by the manager that was responsible for the action. We used NPS for the larger account satisfaction where we ask the standard question then we ask what are the 3 things you find value from the 3 things you wish you could do in the platform and any other feedback. We have the product and account team review those. -- we send those out annually 6 months before renewal so you have time to respond. Again we respond to the very positive and the negative -- the neutral are a lower priority.

  • Shari Srebnick
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    Like Renee, I've used CSAT for more transactional items such as when I support ticket was closed or post-onboarding, but the latter was more of a questionnaire around the experience so maybe a bit more nuanced.

    Overall, customer feedback (aka the voice of the customer) is super important and there are many ways to accomplish that, CSAT being just one tool in your toolkit. Before starting the initiative, you first need to determine your objective, and then what you plan to do with the data once you have it. And one of the most important things to keep in mind is closing the loop with the customer, since it has been shown that their biggest issue with questionnaires or surveys are not the length, but the feeling that they've wasted their time. Ensure they feel heard.