Any recommendations on the best way to conduct an internal quarterly/book of business review with CS

Gautam Sawhney
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  • Nicholas Ayala
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    I think the first step is to define what are the metrics that is important to the company and then translate to how the CSM's can help impact those. 

    It's a little like reverse engineering. There are some startups that rely heavily on customer proof so they can leverage that with future customers...that means that there are going to be certain things like "can this customer be a reference call?" or "will this customer write a case study?" that will come to mind. The CSM can help facilitate that the customer's goals are met and willing to become one of those 'raving fans.'
  • Star Hofer
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    Hi Gautam, 

    Another way to look at how to conduct an internal book of business review is what help does a CSM need to protect or grow their book of business! What is helpful for the organization to know? Who is at risk? Where can the CEO/Exec team lean in? Where could sales help? What critical pains are customers experiencing for your book of business that product can help reduce/understand?  What is their forecast for renewal? etc.
  • Natalie Williams
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    Hi Gautam, I leveraged salesforce quite a bit and would create a custom dashboard for each CSM that shows a list of their accounts, which are up for renewals, pulse of each if you are capturing some sort of "health" metric. If you are low volume, high touch you can go through one by one. If its high volume, low touch model, I'd focus on activity/support tickets/interactions to gauge health and then coach CSM on how to manage book of business.