Renewal process managed by CSM

Narjes Evennou
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I would like discuss about how a CSM can handle the renewal phase.🧐

For my side, I contact the client about three months before the renewal date. If the customer doesn't wish to renew, the subject is escalated to the sales representative for further analysis.

In your company, is the renewal phase managed by the CSM?

If so, what are the main lines of your process?

What is the maturity (knowledge) of your CSMs to manage the renewal phase?

How do you work with sales team ou AM team in this phase?

What tools do you use?

Thank you in advance for your feedback😀


  • Bentley Davis
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    At my company, CSMs handle renewals as well as upsells. Our contracts typically have an automatic renewal and we try to stay abreast of each client's health/ likeliness of churn and proactively avoid churn. If we do get a termination notice, we see what, if anything, we can do to save the client.

    While I know there are different philosophies in regard to CS handling renewals or upsells, I personally think that CS is in a better position to handle those aspects as we have a genuine relationship with the client. We know if they are getting value from the product and we know if they would benefit from an upsell.

  • Ian Remington
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    Hi Narjes,

    Our organization sides with Bentley as well but I think much of this depends on org structure and size. Currently, our Account Executives handle everything up to the contract being signed. Once signed, there is a clean hand off to our Product Consultants and Professional Services team. They will handle the onboarding and implementation including any data migration if necessary. During the implementation, or shortly thereafter, we then introduce the CSM.

    We mostly deal in the SMB space, so not all accounts receive a dedicated CSM (only about 10% do). However, for those accounts that are assigned a CSM - the CSM is largely responsible for upsell/cross sell, renewals, and will serve as the primary throat to choke for big account issues. For day-to-day questions, accounts will still leverage our Support team as we don't want our CSMs handling a ton of how-to based questions. Our CSMs are revenue driven so it absolutely makes sense for them to handle renewals. So the CSM won't work at all with the AE team during the renewal as they will have already established a relationship prior to the renewal as a CSMs involvement will typically come anywhere from month 1-3 in the customer journey.

    Feel free to message me if you'd like to chat further.

  • Narjes Evennou
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    Hi @Bentley Davis Thank you for your anwser.

    An automate renewal is an intressting matter. At my company, the renewal is not automate. A meeting is oragnised with customer around 3 month before end licence periode. The renewal of some of customers is done by CSM et the other part (largst accounts) by sales teams. Could you explain more how you manage if a customer doesn't wante to renewal? or they need more time to decide to renewal or not?

    If I undrestood, your upselling management is also done automatly? How is it work? Is it about the automated actions based on the users data?

    What is the tool that you use for the renewal phase?

    Thank you again

  • Narjes Evennou
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    Thank you @Ian Remington for your answer. I agree with you : It depeds on the campany structure. And I would add also : the type of product and its customers. I'm intressted to know more how do you manage if a cutomer dosn't wante to renewal.

    Of course for a chat with you about this subject. 

  • Rick Saunders
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    Disclosure: I'm just getting back into CSM.

    Automatic contractual renewals seem like they would be great from the provider side; I assume keeping all the logistics the same versus signing a new agreement could be more efficient.

    That said, I would think that a best of both worlds solution could be auto renewal with periodic check ins on service level, goals, etc to make sure everything is still aligned with customers needs. If nothing else it gives an opportunity to share new products/practices.