CSAT for measuring CSM effectiveness

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Team, this topic was recently brought up - aligning CSAT to CSM. It's very new topic at my company but the thought of it gives me concern. The concern is we're a free service. Our coverage model is 1:25ish accounts. My gut instinct tells me surveying and then tying those results (CSAT) to a CSM is a very bad idea. I've been working with metrics for last 15 years- on the leadership side (accountable for the outcomes) and IC side of a paid engagement where the customer was sent a survey. All that makes sense. Is the customer getting value for what they're paying for. Here..in this CSM space, we're free. So, it's "best effort". To me, CSAT/NPS measurements should be tied to paid services (support, TAM, etc..) not CSM. But, I'm open to being wrong ;).