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Gain, Grow, Retain Community, I am happy to be here! I recently started a role focused around Value Realization Strategy to solve a challenge around consumption of technology. I've spent last year at a SaaS startup breaking into the "Customer Value Management" Market, focused on value throughout the customer journey. From my experience, Value Realization 'typically' falls into the responsibility of Customer Success. I would love to collaborate with anyone in this group on how you're thinking about Value Realization within your organization.


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    Hello, this is such a great topic. At our organization, value realization starts in the sales cycle. Typically our customers want to understand the value they could get and our sales team has solution consultants that help identify where their largest opportunities are. Once the sale is complete, our implementation teams can use this information to map out the best strategy for initial enablement that is aligned to the initial sale value. From there customer success can implement a playbook to further the journey. Ideally, in a future state our product will be able to support more of the journey as well so we can lean on some digital CS strategy more in the future.

    I hope this helps and interested to hear the journey for other customers as well, Katie

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    Value realization depends on what the customer is trying to achieve. As Katie mentioned, this starts in the sales process and then typically changes over time. For high touch models, you need to have mechanisms in place to capture the client's outcomes and ensure they are met. For low touch you need listening posts so you can be ready to help clients that may not be achieving value.

    As a starting point, you need to really look at the onboarding process because if you fail there, you vastly reduce the chance of the client renewing.