Building the CS Department

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Hi everyone! I am newer to this group and was referred by the awesome @Jan Young! I am just diving into reading the posts and love all the insights you share. CS professionals are the most generous people! I have been working in healthcare SaaS (in roles in CS, Training, and Sales Support/Product Specialist) for 10.5 years after a successful 15+ year career in education as a school director/teacher.

I am in a new role with a small SaaS healthcare company where I am the CS Lead. There are not a lot of processes "in writing" yet and I am working to define the CS processes. Specifically, I have been tasked with creating a scalable CS Plan, Implementation Plan, Training Agenda(s) and customer facing decks. Previously, I worked for a large global company and all of this was already created or I was building on a solid base or materials and processes. I'm struggling with analysis paralysis trying to get started from scratch.

⭐️ It would be very helpful to see templates others use to give me some inspiration. The content is in my head, but how to present it is my struggle.

Right now, we use Google Suite and HubSpot and are not planning to implement any other CS tools although I am encouraging the company to adopt OneNote to better organize the materials (over Google Drive).

Thank you all!