Creating CSM Metrics for Bonus Plans for 1st Time - Need Some Advice


I work at a programmatic managed service agency where we run programmatic campaigns for clients. The CS team is responsible for campaign launch (have signed paperwork, tags, pixels, etc), project manage the build of custom audiences and creatives, work with any 3rd party partners (brand studies, CRM uploads, etc), and create the month reporting/QBRs. We also are the primary contact with the client, ensure all emails are answered, any issues are resolved quickly. As we are not SaaS there is no onboarding/training involved and we only have Sales and CS - there isn't a Customer Success team. Additionally, upper management wants CS to uncover opportunities at current clients with the hopes of upselling on a new channel or a new brand

I was brought on board to build out the department. It's been a year and I have implemented processes and brought on a team in the last 6 months. I have not had to create any metrics for a bonus plan before, as my previous company provided the metrics to measure the team on, and it doesn't fit my new place.

Customer satisfaction seems a bit arbitrary - as there are other teams involved and if a client is unhappy it is not the CSM's fault. CSMs are not responsible for the renewals, and if a client renews due to good performance that is more through the Trader's efforts.

I am trying to figure what type of quantitative metrics and job performance metrics I can provide for a bonus plan. I'd love some advice from those who have done this before!

Thank you


  • Jordan Silverman
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    @Heidi Schmidt this is a tough one for sure - what I am writing below is just my opinion and others might have better answers/disagree.

    What I would suggest is:

    1) Rank your CSMs best to worst

    2) See which actions your best CSMs are taking that your lower ranking ones are not

    3) Bonus based on those actions


    • You see your best CSMs are holding more QBRs - bonus based on % of clients with QBRs
    • Your best CSMs are launching clients faster - bonus based on days to launch
    • Best clients have more CRM uploads - bonus based on uploads/client

    I would on top of this offer kickers. So once you figure out the 1-2 key metrics to bonus off I would add kickers based on $$ amount of upsells uncovered.

  • Heidi Schmidt
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    Thank you! This is something interesting and gives me a jumping off point.

    It's challenging here as the Trader is responsible for launching the campaign, delivering and hitting performance and margin goals -- so doing it on annual revenue rates is not the sole responsibility of the team. I am going to use retention, job/product knowledge, but I like the idea of the QBRs since that is a main responsibility.


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    Hi Heidi--

    I actually recommend an entirely different and more scientific approach, one based on how complex systems and human motivation theory. If you want to think outside the box, you may be interested in watching this:

    Happy to chat more about this if you'd like. Drop me a note at [email protected].

    Good luck!