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Jennifer Scheib
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Hi GGR community! What are some of your go-to metrics for measuring success with your Customer Advocacy efforts/program? How are you showing the value / influence to your internal stakeholders?




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    @Jennifer Scheib

    I used to keep a close eye on CSAT and NPS. Turns out these are hygiene metrics (necessary but not sufficient). I can roll my eyes thinking of the number of times a client who gave us a high NPS didn't recommend us. To get a real sense, I started paying closer attention to the following:

    1. Leads and sign ups as a result of referrals from existing clients. This is the holy grail of showcasing value of the program to internal teams.
    2. Analysis of the social mentions of the product/ brand by existing clients or prospects who have had a chance to interact with the brand through a demo etc - What is the sentiment/ what are the products, features or benefits that are being appreciated and advocated/ how many times/ by how many users/ influence of the users advocating and so on
    3. Online reviews both qualitative (average ranking, number of clients who have reviewed) vs qualitative (positive vs negative). It is important to note that all negative reviews aren't bad. Some of them are by well wishing partners but they have a need that is not being addressed. They could be the ones to convert to advocates the fastest if addressed properly
    4. Finally, I keep an eye on engagement with the existing customers. Engagement and advocacy aren't always related, but there are brilliant insights that come from understanding the nature of customers/ clients who engage and who don't. E.g there are some who almost play the role of a coach - They highlight the flaws before the industry at large can call it out, push you to address them, they might be painful or demanding, but for reasons lesser known, would not bad mouth the brand and work closely with your teams to work towards resolutions. I like to keep such clients on my radar even if they aren't the high paying ones. If the number of such clients is increasing across your cohorts, then you know that your program has an impact either directly or indirectly.

    Would love to hear what your experience has been with measuring advocacy efforts.