Best practices to track important future released

Hello everyone,

I have had a hard time finding ways, without a CRM, to keep track of those clients who are waiting for functionalities that we committed to letting them know when they will be released.

We don't do it always but sometimes we are in a meeting with an important client who needs a specific feature to accomplish their goals, so we tell them that we will let them know when it's released.

At the begining it was easy but now the number of clients waiting is big. Any best practices here?

Thank you in advance :)


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    One practice we use is to email out release announcements to a customer list detailing what is new and what fixes are in the release. That can cover customers that need the update but you may not know about it.

    For specific customers we track them with a support case in Salesforce and then link any of those cases through Service Rocket to the Jira tracking the release in question. The cases are automatically updated when the Jira is resolved.