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Michelle Vock
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For those navigating complex onboarding processes with clients, what is your preferred joint project management tool to multiple threads?

  1. Onboarding Scope and Goals
  2. Onboarding Project Management
  3. Communication Plan and Timeline

Must be able to share/collaborate with clients.


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  • Shianna Andersack
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    Hello there, we are using GuideCX for customer onboarding on our SaaS platform. It can integrate into Hubspot and Salesforce. I have heard good things about Rocketlane.

    For Scope & Goals - we use a gsheet for internal customer success plans that sales hands off to our implementation team which gets incorporated into our deck for the initial onboarding kick-off call.

  • PazitCSM
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    Hi Michelle, I recommend EverAfter, as its main strength is the fact that it is a customer-facing app! So you can not only share the tasks, timeline,  but make them an accountable part of the journey.
    Read an interesting post recently: https://www.oxx.vc/post/the-revenue-line-that-deserves-more-attention