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Kevin Mitchell Leonor
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Wanted to get people’s feedback on an idea I have. 

If there was a way to use data analytics to verify which of your CSM’s red account tasks actually impact your retention on at-risk customers, would that be a valuable feature you would use budget to acquire that tool?

What’s the likelihood you would acquire that tool on a scale of 0-5? 0 being “not at all”, and 5 being “sign me up now”


  • ltorno
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    5 - sign me up, if we could prove what works or is more successful than other tasks it can narrow down our playbook to priority levels.
  • Ed Powers
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    You actually don't need a tool for this, @Kevin Mitchell Leonor. Factor analysis or regression analysis using data you already have can identify cause-and-effect relationships between Customer Success activities and customer outcomes (churn/renew, buy more/buy less). 
  • Harsh Shah
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    This is a great idea @Kevin Mitchell Leonor!

    I was thinking if we can also find a way to know the impact of CSM's red account tasks on other green or orange accounts. This way we can compare the value we're getting from these activities (retention) VS what we're losing like the effect on other clients. 

    This way we can make a better decision while allocating resources and efforts to any particular account.

    Best Regards,

    Harsh Shah

    Customer Success Manager, Woliba