NPS Survey - Should it have more than one question?

Hey ya'll,

I would love to hear your opinion on NPS survey. If one adds more questions to the survey besides 'would you recommend us to someone else?' does that still considered to be an NPS rating?

Do you think adding more questions will affect the response rate?
How would you suggest getting more data out of low-rating responders?

Thanks in advance


  • Evan Klein
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    Hi - we always extend beyond just the "likely to recommend" question for the surveys we design for our clients. At the very least, you should add an open-end asking why they scored the way they did (there are numerous language options for the open-end following NPS). A "strict" NPS survey is usually those 2 questions. For our B2B clients, we often go beyond that to understand key drivers of satisfaction and frustration, so it's perfectly acceptable to add additional questions that are thoughtful, relevant and unambiguous. The "likely to recommend" question should be the first one posed, and - yes, it is still considered to be an NPS survey / rating. 

    Your questions about response rates and non responders are more difficult to answer b/c there a many variables to consider. We have a lot of content on our site that addresses these questions in detail. One thing is clear - the greater challenge is getting customers to click the survey link in the first place. The length of the survey has less impact on response rates (as long as your survey isn't too long) than the communications / messaging used to encourage customers to take the time to share feedback. They have to have confidence their time will lead to an improved experience. When they are, they will typically spend a few minutes to share their thoughts. Even a 10 question survey can be completed in 60 to 90 seconds.