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We are a fairly new customer success team looking to implement a customer success software tool to help us measure customer health, build the customer journey, and manage retention. We are a midsize SaaS company and a leader in our market. We plan to look at ChurnZero and GainSight but would like to have additional products to compare.

Please share your recommendation and the reasons behind your recommendation or experience with the product.

Thank you!


  • Rich Rans
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    Those are two great products. I'd also evaluate Catalyst and Planhat.

    Feel free to contact me for just one opinion on the products.

  • PankajGRZ
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    Hi @sreinhardt

    For an efficient customer journey Understanding and identifying customer behavior is critical for appropriately aligning customer goals for an effective customer experience.

    As far as I'm concerned, giving value is the main criterion here, and with the help of the proper tool N community, you can do this to reduce churn by increasing client retention.

    So do let me know if you'd want to learn more about community development and selecting the best tools for your specific business needs.

  • MattSmith
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    My team are currently using Vitaly, which has been great for us so far.

    Definitely worth having for any CSMs with a large book of business, as it allows you to build reports and dashboards, build engagement campaigns, and has good health metrics. Not as useful for smaller books of business as these can be managed outside of the tool.

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    Hey @sreinhardt - we have a graphic that outlines a bunch of the CS Platforms in the space so you could see what's possible. I also know if you google 'Nuffsaid they have a graphic where they compare the platforms against one another.

  • sreinhardt
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    Thanks everyone for your feedback. @Jeff Breunsbach the graphic was especially helpful!