CRM recommendations?

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I am looking for one that can help me with my proactive outreach (outbound communication/ emails), a centralized system for customer information (right now our data is hard to access), and I'm not sure if this is an option but if any involved usage data that would be helpful. 

I'm relatively new to being a CSM so ease of use and intuitiveness would be ideal. 

Let me know which ones you have used and liked!


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    Hi @lucy_wct a couple of questions:

    1. Total number of users needing to be licensed for the new platform?
    2. The industry you are in?
    3. Budget (for product spend and potential training/adoption support)?
    4. Current technology stack that a new technology would need to connect with or absorb data from (eg. Workspace, 365 or Microsoft on-premises)
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    Not a CRM, but Outreach is a good tool for what you are looking for and it integrates into most CRM tools.

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    Do you specifically want a CRM or would tools that allow you to accomplish what you want work?

  • I've been making my way through the Gainsight end-user training, and I think that system could do all of that. This video in the training is really insightful because it shows how a CSM used the system in her daily workflow:

    My guess is other CS-specific systems can do all of those things too - and they may be cheaper. But my sense in doing the Gainsight training is that it would be a pleasure to use!

    Have you also checked out Totango, Catalyst, or ChurnZero? I've heard that Totango allows you to set up an individual account and try it out, so that could be useful. And Totango also has free end-user trainings and certifications on their website.

    @Seth Wylie - would Gainsight meet the criteria that @lucy_wct specified here in her post?

  • Oh - one more thing @lucy_wct ClientSuccess is allowing companies to apply for a free-year of their platform - they are going to pick 3 lucky companies. I think they extended the deadline to today (Feb. 10th). If you could throw together an application quickly, that might be an option.