ChatGPT for Customer Support

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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has got any insights or experience on how ChatGPT can be used for supporting customers for a SaaS product.

Many thanks in advance.



  • Brian O'Keeffe
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    I would plan to build into every helpdesk. I see the potential to solve a huge percentage of issues before a case is created. I also see it as a key part of all digital or tech touch CSM programs.

  • Michelle Wideman
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    @Monae, I recently joined Silverfort and part of what attracted me to the company is their innovation, which included trying out new ways to leverage ChatGPT. This article outlines some of things that we have experimented with. Given we saw 70% time savings in being able to create blog posts, I'd love to dive into how we can create better documentation and more content, especially if/when we launch a community. I'm also intrigued to learn more about leveraging it for better competitive intel.

  • Javed Maqsood
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    Hi @Monae - I don't know what your SaaS product does. But here are several scenarios:

    1. You could think of customer interaction touchpoints where your customers and users are in the process of developing or creating something, like content, workflow, design etc. In those stages of customer workflow, ChatGPT could be inserted as a tool to enable them to perform these tasks faster with better results. You may need support from the product team for this. Or integration team
    2. Support side - This is an easy one. You could enable your customers to be self-sufficient by creating a ChatGPT interface in front of your support articles, training tools, onboarding manuals - anything customer facing
    3. Support side - Internal. Any internal support platform should be using this technology to improve the agent's ability to find the correct answer that they are looking for and respond back to customer / CSM in a much faster fashion. See tools like already doing this.



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