Customer Success Enablement Metrics?

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Hi folks!

I'm Eric, I just launched a CS Enablement consulting firm called Retain Solutions to help CS orgs retain their best talent.

One of the things that I've been working on is building out templates and best practices around metrics to measure the success of CS enablement. Besides the gold standard metric - time to ramp - I've found it's pretty inconsistent how CSE is measured at different companies. Personally, I think using competency matrices and certifications is the way to go, but I was wondering what others in the community think and what they've used at their companies.



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    Congratulations on launching, Eric! Could I ask what you turned up in research in preparation for starting this consulting company? Meaning, what data do you have already on what companies are doing and feeling pain on? 

    For me, having a CS Enablement person is focused on practical use cases. Having certifications is a good technique because there is quantifiable results, but that certification must be applicable for real life situations that CSMs find themselves in. Therefore a piece that we use is regularly asking the question, "Where are you confused/uneasy when talking with customers?" That helps to guide how we train. 

    There is A LOT we could train on, but what is going to be retained the most is what a CSM can put into practice TODAY. Topics like: keeping a customer engaged, dealing with an upset customer, identifying/consulting to expansion opportunities. 
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    Hey Brian! I met with upwards of 35 CS executives and another 20 CS Enablement pros. The CS executives all identified similar pains, which was that their teams often felt as though their jobs were somewhat ambiguous and they didn't receive much of any onboarding (let alone ongoing enablement) to help them learn the product or how to do their jobs in the first place. CS Enablement pros had other issues, mainly around the expectations and scope of the role, lack of support from SMEs, and there being very little out there around best practices and metrics for CSE.