Webinar survey, Yes or No?

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Do you send a survey to the participants after each of your webinars? And what`s the goal? Which data do you collect?

If you don't why don't you do it?


  • Brian O'Keeffe
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    I think we are all surveyed out and I hate getting them. I try to work it into the webinar and get it answered before we officially finish. VS sending it out later, when I know few will be bothered and see it as an annoyance.

  • EvaS
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    I agree with you @Brian O'Keeffe

  • Anita Toth
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    @EvaS Great question. Sometimes the best survey is one that's part of the sign up process versus post-webinar.

    What data are you looking to gain from the post-webinar survey?

    What's a good response rate?

    How will the data you collect be used?

    Can you gather this information through another avenue? (when signing up, during the webinar as a poll, or even in the Q&A section)

    Hope these questions help.

  • John Brunkard
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    I would suggest trying to survey at the end of the seminar or very close thereafter. Ask if seminar met their expectations, what worked well, what could be better and what topics would they like covered in the future.

  • ashley_martin
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    I like what Brian is doing, by trying to do it within the webinar or event. I have found that survey's after a webinar rarely get feedback unless something went wrong. I am with Brian too, when I get a survey I usually just delete it. Too much noise in my inbox.