Industry benchmark for email engagement


Hi there,

I'm new to the GGR community and am in the process of standing up the first customer success marketing function for our company (B2B Tech).

We are building out simple email campaigns and communications for success nurture (i.e., onboarding/activate/adopt).

What industry benchmarks do you follow for email open/click-thru rate? We have growth benchmarks (acquisition and cross-sell/up-sell) already set.




  • Brian O'Keeffe
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    I would start small and expand. Open rate is a good start. Engage (click through) might be measured later. Goals achieved too. They key is not to over measure at first, a common mistake, which can easily derail your efforts.

    I started with open rate, which is easy to measure, then slowly started adding click through and goals achieved. That way we could see what was working, what wasn't and adjust. If you over measure you risk "failing" and broadcasting that failure with those metrics and derailing the entire program.

  • Sarah Lesway-Ball
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    Thanks, Brian. We actually have activated two small campaigns, one performing better than other on both open rates and CTRs. Moving forward, we will establish our own benchmark, but curious if there are industry ones for onboarding/adoption we can point to (separate to demand).