When job hunting hits a dry spell

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The job market right now for Customer Success is tough. There are too many qualified individuals vying for the same roles as you, so many in fact that a resume and cover letter can not offer you the opportunity to promote yourself like it used to. 

Networking is no longer just nice to do, but critical as a part of your search strategy.

For me, one of the best strategies has been looking not just at people with the right title, but the right company. CSM’s are constantly bombarded by other CSM’s looking for referrals so when it comes to open roles, try looking at employees with other titles you can speak to.

What suggestions do you have for folks who are struggling to get past the application stage?


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    I'm actually in a similar situation as you. I totally get it - reaching out to people can be a bit challenging. Just remember, not everyone is very active on LinkedIn or checks their messages regularly. So, it's important to be persistent with your outreach.

    Here's a tip: If you're having trouble finding someone's email, you can try using RocketReach. It's a cool tool that gives you 10 free contacts per month. Alternatively, you could also take a guess at their email address, like zlatan@zlatan.com or zlatan.divjakinja@zlatan.com.

    Be prepared to hear more "NOs" than "YESes" and be patient with the whole process. I know it can be tough, but it's all part of the game. In fact, I've mentally prepared myself for the worst-case scenario - that this might take a while.

    One thing I did invest in right away was a professional resume writer. They can really help make your resume shine! You should check out https://www.karpiakconsulting.com/ for some great resume-writing services.

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    @Carly Agar I would love to hear your advice on this topic!

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    It's a really tough job market out there, no doubt. I have never been so invested and creative in my job search and it's out of sheer necessity but I've also learned to love it as well, especially the networking.

    1. I've created my own personal website since most job applications always include a field asking for more website links.
    2. I have sent LinkedIn InMails of course
    3. I prefer to research the person I think is the hiring manager and send them a direct note and like someone else mentioned, I also use RocketReach.
    4. I've created a special 1-page 'manifesto' rather than using a cover letter when sending it to hiring managers, especially when I do not see any posted jobs of interest on their site
    5. I've created a pitch deck to share with hiring managers as well
    6. I've been actively posting and commenting on LinkedIn and following CX thought leades
    7. I have used references and referrals often when applying for work
    8. I have had lunches and meetings with other CX leaders to talk about the customer success profession
    9. I have had regular meetings with former colleagues, many of whom were also recently laid off, so that we can continue motivating one another and sharing job search insights
    10. I have helped people by providing feedback on their resumes or job search
    11. I have solicited random feedback from people on LinkedIn to review my profile or resume
    12. I have reached out to recruiters
    13. I've applied to 100 jobs...no offers yet
    14. I have helped others with their CX research by letting myself be interviewed by them
    15. I have begun building the foundation of a fractional CX consulting business to keep me occupied when I need a break from job searching

    I could go on. It's one hell of a lot of work but it will be worth it in the end.