Helping CSMs (or people looking to break in) find new roles

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I've been thinking through different ways to help people who are looking for CS jobs successfully find their next great company. I'd like to be more helpful than the typical "commenting for reach" on their LI post.

If anyone is interested in helping OR has a better idea they'd like to suggest, let me know.

One idea I had was to interview a few candidates, record the interview, and then leverage a group like GGR. I would post that I had a great interview, provide a few details about the candidate (location, yrs experience etc...). and then any hiring manager interested could request the link to the video.

The idea would certainly take some work, and yes it's essentially free recruiting... but the concept is simple. Have a great conversation -put that conversation in front of the people who can hire :) - could be a win-win. but that is just one idea that could certainly be improved on.