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Jeff Breunsbach
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Hey GGR -

It’s hard to believe but you are probably thinking about 2024 planning (Scary, I know). Well, we’d like to think Gain Grow Retain can help!

We imagine you're sitting there thinking: 

I have to plan for 2024, but I'm not sure what tech will fit into our existing stack... and I don't want to get hounded by a sales rep. What do I do?!?

Come to the GGR Demopalooza.

We’re going to throw the biggest virtual demo event for customer success leaders in November.

15 vendors will have 20-35 min to demo their products to you (an engaged customer success leader!). And you can watch them all - for free, no strings attached (aka you won’t have to get into 15 sales and marketing cadences to overload your holiday schedule).

Here’s the real gist: 

  • We’ll have 3 days of demos – 15 vendors each, so about 5 demos each day
  • They’ll each have a specified time slot and we’ll make sure you can find the run-of-show
  • After the entire event, we’ll send you a survey – simply tell us who you want to be followed up with and we’ll make an introduction

So, come join us Nov 7-9 and find the next shining star of your tech stack. 

Vendors secured so far...

--> Higher Logic Vanilla (community)

--> Catalyst (customer success platform)

--> ChurnZero (customer success platform)

--> Planhat (customer success platform)

--> Totango (customer success platform)

--> Skilljar (learning management system)

--> Sturdy (customer analytics & insights)

--> Foresight (customer value assessment)

--> Lantern (customer workflow)

--> Staircase AI (revenue analytics)

--> Thena AI (Slack customer management)

We love to provide value to our members and this is the #1 thing we keep hearing about - so I know you'll follow suit and make this the most registered event in our history. 




Jeff Breunsbach

Co-Founder of Gain Grow Retain

PS: We're grateful to our Headliners who are helping us support this event:

  • Higher Logic Vanilla helps B2B software companies create wonderful communities with their customers. 
  • Catalyst is the leader in Customer Revenue Optimization, helping world-class companies generate more revenue, through their customers.
  • ChurnZero is the platform and partner for Customer Success, dedicated to helping subscription businesses grow and succeed at scale.
  • Planhat is a horizontally built, modern customer platform where organizations manage and grow their customers. 
  • Totango is the industry's only Composable Customer Success platform, built on a modular foundation with embedded best practices to meet you where you are today and grow with you as a business needs change.