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Hello Everyone,

One of my customers has been inactive for the past 6-7 months. I have tried reaching out to them through personalized and product marketing emails, texts, and calls, but I didn't receive any response until yesterday. They finally responded and informed me that they haven't been using the product since March this year, and they wish to cancel their membership due to changes in their business dynamics. Although I would like to understand the new changes and tailor the product to help them achieve their goals, I need your guidance/strategy to prevent the customer from churning. Any ideas, suggestions, or approaches will be of immense help.


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    When you are so deep in this churn cycle, it's hard to turn the customer around.

    Try this idea - Give them free time on the subscription. But in return they would need to invest time with you and give you a chance to adjust your product that aligns with their new business dynamics. Ask for a meeting and present this idea. Think through the approach from all angles and go prepared.

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