Copyeditor in tech/advertising world currently looking to transition to CS ...

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Hi Everyone,

I hope that you're doing great! I've worked as an Editor/Proofreader in the advertising and tech industries for the past few years and am looking to transition into Customer Success.

I just had 2 questions in case anyone here can lend some advice:

1) Where can I find the best Mentorship opportunities for CS?

2) They say that you should think about what you're passionate about when applying for your first CS Associate job. If Travel is one of my passions, how can I translate that into finding a corresponding opportunity in CS?

Thanks so much for any light that you can shed on this!



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    I'm not 100% sure about mentorship. It seems like it's best to just have a strong connection with your immediate supervisor or CS lead and learn from them in your first job. But if what you need are some pointers or some help with getting a role somewhere, you're welcome to DM me, and we can have a chat, and I can give you some pointers. I'm grateful for the opportunities the universe has provided me, and I'm okay with paying it forward and helping others.

    Regarding the "follow your passion" model, I don't know. In general, SaaS companies that hire customer success people and properly run customer success departments do so to prevent churn in highly competitive subscription-based business models. But if your passion is copyediting, maybe you can target the B2B divisions of companies like Grammarly and pitch yourself to them. But you won't have many options if you niche down like this during your job hunting process.