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Hey everyone!

Like the title suggests, I was wondering what tools might be the best to use to teach customers on how to use our product. We currently use loom but we were wondering if there were any other alternatives/platforms for teaching customers how to use product features + demonstrating value prop.

Thanks in advance!


  • PiperWilson
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    I use SnagIt for screenshots. I also just found out that Zoom has a new feature called Clips that is similar to Loom and is supposed to be cheaper.

    There's no substitute for one-on-ones or office hours.

    Best of luck!

  • Doug Havlik
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    We use Vidyard in the Customer Success team at Thomson Reuters (for the Document Intelligence products).

  • Jeffrey Kushmerek
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    I deally you have a structure to the onboarding with lessons (preferably video) interspersed throughout. The best engagement I have seen is when someone uses an LMS for onboarding with video.