Looking for HubSpot CS expertise

Andrew Shoaff
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Hi gang,

Does anyone here use HubSpot to manage their product implementation process? We are transitioning to HubSpot CRM and went with an outside vendor to implement the tool for us. They are very good tactically (options for doing things) but struggle to give me guidance on best practice for CS organizations. Ours is an enterprise level Gen AI platform with a fairly complex product implementation process. I'm looking for guidance by someone who knows HubSpot and Customer Success to hear how our implementation process works and recommend how I should build that out in HubSpot - or conversely to recommend that I not even try to use HubSpot and go with a dedicated project management tool that plugs into HubSpot.

Anyone have experience here and willing to connect at some point? Or recommendations for consultants who have HubSpot AND customer success expertise?

Thanks everyone,