Things Customers Say On Their Way to Cancelling - AI Data

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Hey everyone - Looking for some good 'ol fashion brainstorming.

I'm going to leverage a feature from Gong (records calls) where we can input expressions that customers say that could highlight potential churn.

Ideally, these are expressions that would trigger early warnings (not customers simply asking to cancel).

>Various versions of things like this;

>I'm the only one using it

>I'm having trouble getting my team to use this

>.... is no longer working here

>haven't had time to implement

What comes to mind - this could become a helpful list we can all share for anyone using AI from recorded calls.


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    "Can you send a copy of our contract?"

    "I'm the new manager."

    "What services are we currently paying for?" (...this statement can be good too lol)

  • Brian O'Keeffe
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    Often, it is sold, and then someone who has no role or vested interest in its success is stuck owning and implementing it. Total indifference to implementation, no real plan to roll it out, or endless inability to make a decision are all signs they won't succeed.

    A complete lack of ownership is a big red flag. The worst I have ever dealt with was a VP assigned the administrator role and told a colleague, "If I go down, so do you." (A bully) They were the wrong person to own it, did not have the skill set, and resented owning it, which took time and management effort. It is the only time in my career I went to my management team and said this is a lost cause. There is no way to succeed. Sure enough, they canceled.