What tools helped your team scale?

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Looking at what toolset you have used or are currently using that helps you reach 1:many customers. What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it?
For reference our company has almost 1K customers and we are rapidly growing.


  • Cheryl Luft
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    Hi There, we are using a few tools to support our scale team.

    We use Front to manage the shared inbox for these customers. This assigns in a round robin format depending on availability of the team and language (where relevant). This helps us to ensure no messages fall through the cracks, the team can collaborate on communications, we can report on metrics, and most importantly, we don't make our customers feel like they are in a ticketing system. We also store email templates for some standard communications. We wish there was a way to log these to Gainsight easily as we have named CSMs do with Gmail. It also would help our BI team if the data was easier to extract.

    We also use Gainsight to trigger various actions throughout the lifecycle and other types of triggers. These also assign in a round robin format and we can report on these activities as well. Gainsight has ups and downs; it is really useful for the automatic assignments, and reporting on metrics that we have available. Though rules can be tricky, and our data sometimes disconnects for no reason, I honestly run into a lot of issues with instability of the system but it's what we have.

    Happy to talk more through the strategy if interested!