Are Value Frameworks for Retention Effective?

Eddie Chavez
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A question I get a lot around retention frameworks are effective or overrated?

So, in my experience, there is no once-size-fits-all model. While they can help identify key success metrics, they also have potential challenges for some organizations.

One challenge is that they can be complex and time-consuming to implement, especially for smaller companies. Another often encountered issue, is that they may not always align with the customer's perception of value, leading to a disconnect between the company and its customers.

While conventional thinking suggests that value frameworks are essential for retention, you can certainly argue that focusing on building strong relationships with customers and delivering exceptional value can be just as effective. Just like other similar CS motions, both approaches can foster trust and loyalty, which are key drivers of retention, but having an established framework can help guide and scale as you grow.

Would appreciate any ideas and/or alternative actions to 'value framework' you use that have yielded positive results driving retention in your organization, or is there a simpler, more effective approach that we're overlooking?