Session 4 | New strategies, CS Platform, renewals

Jeff Breunsbach
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How changes have leaders implemented to drive more customer engagement right now?

  • Offering executive and leadership level meetings like EBRs and Strategy Meetings to segments of your customer base that normally do not have access to these for free has been a successful strategy for many organizations right now.
  • Casual outreach for engagement like sending a video message of the CS and holding virtual Happy Hours and Coffee Breaks has gone over well with customers.
  • Instead of providing bland WFH content, make it applicable to your solution and how different functions of your platform could be helpful right now.
  • Recording content that would normally be discussed in person or in meetings to allow clients to consume on their own time.

What are people’s thoughts on implementing CS-specific platforms right now?

  • They are incredible tools that are very valuable for organizations that are servicing industries that are booming right now.
  • These tools require a lot of established practice and CS maturity to implement effectively, and therefore those that are adjusting their strategy right now, and expect to re-adjust when we are back to BAU may want to wait.
  • Similarly to have established practices in place, training and change management may be tough while employees are still getting used to working from home.