Session 3 | Changing metrics and strategies

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  • Customer Engagement Modification:
    • More human touch has been inserted into most companies tech-touch segments.
    • Further segmentation by industry, region, etc has been deployed to support customers that are experiencing business disruption
    • For booming industries, the lessons learned from tech touch have been applied up market to address the influx of new customers.
    • Messaging to customers should be owned jointly by the marketing team and Customer Success, as CS has a pulse on what their customers need at the moment.
    • Salespeople that normally focus on new logo acquisition can support the CS efforts if their pipeline is freezing, but a consideration for CS and Sales comp plans should be taken into account.
  • Changing Metrics and Strategies:
    • Decreasing time to value during the onboarding phase has become necessary for companies that are experiencing higher volumes.
    • We heard examples of decreasing TTV by 75% and by 90%! Identifying the product/service MVP can not only bring value immediately now, but it can be worked into a typical onboarding process to increase customer sentiment during this phase.
    • There is an opportunity to learn from this time and understand what friction can be removed once we are back to business as usual. While the KPIs and targets may change during this time, the overall metrics are largely the same.
    • A reprioritized effort on outreach and proactive support is a consistent theme we hear from Customer Success leaders.