Session 6 | Leading indicators for churn

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What are the leading Indicators of churn that you're looking to Identify?  

  • Relationship breadth
  • Relationship quality
  • Engagement (product, community, content)
  • Industry / Use Case Fit
  • Business Health
  • Presence of Competitor
  • Product & Support Performance

How are you tracking customer health and risk?  

  • Mainly built Into tools like Salesforce with custom objects
  • Automated aspects Include product-level data and survey responses to a particular contact or account record
  • CSMs are Inputting notes from calls and tracking engagement from key stakeholders

How have they changed In the past 60 days?

  • Looking at daily trends of data rather than rolling averages to understand very quickly what Industries may be affected
  • COVID-Risk assessment to assess the risk within each Industry - then deploying playbooks for each of the Industries
  • Executive sponsor outreach has led to productive conversations